This website serves as a hub of information and resources regarding the “Dark Store” Tax loophole that currently allows businesses to cut their property taxes by as much as 2/3!

NMU professor Dwight Brady and students created this documentary that says it all!! Check out “Boxed In” on his site.

Programs and services that are vital to any thriving community such as education, road and infrastructure maintenance and repair, senior services, veteran affairs, recreational facilities and more! To learn more about this issue go to our What’s Happening page for the latest articles and information. We need our government representatives to take notice and stop corporations from taking advantage of this tax scheme! We also have a RESOURCES page with links to state and local governments, full articles and legal documents.

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Want to kno more?? Here is some overview from this past year: Find out how this happened? Why it happened? What is the Tax Tribunal? and other crucial facts…this excellent interview makes it clear as Rep. Maturen joined WBCK’s Tim Collins on the Richard Piet Show. [WBCK]. In  Seeking balance on ‘dark stores’  , David Maturen says – “No other class of property gets this specialized approach to value.”

  “Word on the Street’s” Brian Cabell says that  “this issue is still strangely perceived of as a “Marquette issue.” Other communities in Michigan have been hit by the crippling re-assessments, but nobody it seems, has made much of a stink about it.” —  We show that this is a state-wide issue snowballing almost daily. See our CHECK YOUR COUNTY page to see which big box stores have cases on the Tax Tribunal docket earlier this year.

“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”                                                                  Franklin D Roosevelt


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Previous Petitions – delivered to legislators & Governor Snyder:
The Facebook group “Save MQT, Save MI!” was the first effort at organizing community efforts to inform the residents of the reason Peter White Public Library, a jewel in our community, had to close it’s doors on Sunday. But more than that, we are organizing to educate the public on how the many publicly funded services and programs are effected in communities across the state of Michigan!  We delivered 650+  signatures April 15th, Tax Day!   Change.org Petition Sign Here.   Second Petition “Close “Dark Store” Tax Assessment Loophole”  Sign Here.