What’s Happening: Save MQT, Save MI – May 30, 2015

Coming Soon – (Really!) Bright Store Initiative -the materials are almost compiled and the word is ready to go out….are we excited? We may be visiting your store soon!

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 12.44.48 PMIt’s summer; a great time to spread “the word” on inequities of MI Property Tax rulings. Look for our members to be handing out information sheets at many major events & festivals in this area. Would you like to pass along information to downstate family and friends? Contact us for forth-coming materials. (See our previous handout below)

Many of the local Democratic Counties are looking to this issue with great concern. Our members report resolutions against Tax Tribunal Rulings in favor of Dark Store ideology from Marquette and Houghton Counties. Oceana, Dickinson and Delta County Dems are expressing interest. Do you know others who may want information? — refer them to our web information and members here. Check Your County to see which stores have cases pending in the Tax Tribunal this year!

When the weather gets too hot – let’s heat things up a bit for legislators and corporate heads! Write letters of disapproval/concern about the serious issue of MI Tax Tribunal rulings and how it is affecting our communities. Also, letters to the newspapers, especially those downstate and other MI communities are so helpful in spreading information on this issue. We have all the addresses and some templates to share listed here on this site on our “Resources Page”

Thanks for following our info on our Save MI, Save MQT Facebook group. Please consider ways you can also become more active in this issue.

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