What’s Happening – Meeting Highlights 6-12-15

Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 12.44.48 PMThe B.R.I.T.E. Store initiative is underway! The tool kits are rolled out and we have been talking to many interested folks who have or know of businesses ready to support the issues of “Dark Store” tax reversals. (See our previous post for more). Thanks to Save MQT, Save MI planning committee guided by Brian Kerrigan for preparing and printing materials and iconic graphics. We are on our way to a goal of 100 stores – with the first 50 is hardest to get the momentum up and rolling!

Lots of discussion about getting out this summer to the many UP events to pass out information about the Tax Tribunal “Dark Store” rulings and how they affect everyone in this state. We have flyers and stickers will be printing more. We would like to involve more people willing to pass out this information at any upcoming events, locally or in your personal travels. Contact us here on our Contact page or Facebook

Letters to influence legislators, to inform via newspapers and to corporate interests are needed, too. We have some templates posted on our Facebook “Files” at Save MQT, Save MI and on the Resources page of Close Michigan Loopholes website. Check them out and send them to the addresses listed with these templates. As the weather gets warmer, think about spending an hour or so writing to the “powers that be” on a cool, shady deck with a tall one! Now who has the power?

If you know of any non-profit organizations who could benefit from information about the “Dark Store” issues, let us know. We would like to spread the word through presentations at service groups and organizations who stand to be affected by local budget cuts as we all are.  We have a short list of local UP groups, some of whom have already expressed concern in various media about the effects of this issue. If you represent a group, we would be glad to speak to you about obtaining and passing on information to make people more aware and willing to express concerns.

Also, a recent “settlement” with Target just signed this past April by the Tax Tribunal is very telling in the realism of the loss Marquette Township now faces. This case did not go to trial as was scheduled for December, but settled on the agreed upon tax reduction of 1/2 the original township assessment. See more about this with documentation of the final ruling in an upcoming blog post! This is just one of the ongoing paybacks that are just the iceberg-tip awaiting local budgets all over the state.

Next meeting – Friday, June 19 at Peter White Public Library 11:00 am


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