What’s Happening Save MQT, Save MI Meeting Highlights: 6-19-15

Wayde Jackson reports the results of today’s meeting are as follows:Screen Shot 2015-05-01 at 12.44.48 PM

We will not be pushing a boycott of Dark Stores, the group has decided to focus on recruiting more local businesses to support our B.R.I.T.E Store Initiative. So far we have a dozen businesses in Marquette County that have signed on and we will post the names of them on here as well as the website.

Secondly, We are organizing a Public Forum with leaders of the various public services being effected by these Dark Store rulings so people in the community understand how they are being impacted personally by this and we will be providing solutions to this issue.

Lastly, we are trying to reach out to the community via public events in the area and so if you have events you are hosting or know of events in your area that you think would be good for helping spread the message. please feel free to message me.

Our next meeting will be on June 26th at 11:00am in the Lions room of the Peter White Public Library. Thank you for all your support and I hope to see you at our next meeting.

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