Why Are Valuations ‘less than dirt’ ?

   Representative David Maturen speaks more on the ‘dark store’ issue on a recent radio interview:
“63rd State Rep. Dave Maturen has been charged with looking into the issue to see what changes the state might propose to the system.  It’s a complicated issue.  Businesses pay property tax based on the cost paid to buy land and build a facility.  But many are convincing the Tax Tribunal in Lansing to reduce it, based on the value of an empty, abandoned store.”

Find out: What are ‘Dark Store’ tax rulings? How do they happen? Why do they happen? What is the Tax Tribunal? — and other crucial How’s and Why’s. This excellent interview clarifies a complicated issue with authoritative intelligence. 

NOTE: Mr Maturen is currently the vice-chairman of the MI House Tax Policy Committee.  Please contact him to express your concerns and possible experiences of the effects of these cuts in your communities: David Maturen davidmaturen@house.mi.gov, or call 517-373-1787
or the House tax Policy Committee Clerk’s Office Ph: 517.373.0135 Clerk@house.mi.gov

Rep. Maturen joined WBCK’s Tim Collins on the Richard Piet Show in Battle Creek on November 30, 2015 1:21 PM. [WBCK]

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