Call for “No” Vote on Gov Snyder’s Tax Tribunal Appointee

Governor Snyder has aScreen Shot 2015-06-19 at 9.21.26 AMppointed Marcus Abood to MI Tax Tribunal. The Marquette County Board of Commissioners is against this appointment as stated in a letter they issued at their last meeting which was reported in the Mining Journal: “the commissioners are asking for the appointment of Abood to be withdrawn, urging Snyder to fill the position with a qualified assessor who demonstrates ‘an understanding of both residential and commercial assessing.’ “
The commissioners further stated: “Mr. Abood is notable for his rejection of traditional methods of assessment, either because he does not understand assessing or because of his bias. The appointment appears to reject the concerns of local government that the Tribunal has become biased and that Tribunal decisions are far outside the range of reasonable decisions and valuations found anywhere in the United States.”
Who is Marcus Abood? Representative Scott Dianda, issued a press release noting that “Marcus Abood served as a Tax Tribunal Judge previously and wrote the decision Menards v Escanaba that found in favor of Menards. By appointing him to a new position on the tribunal, the governor is showing how completely out of touch he is with local government needs, because our communities will continue to come up short in these fights and there will be less money to cover services that residents, and these stores, rely on.”
Below is the list of Tax Committee members that should be contacted to lobby a “no” vote on the confirmation of Marcus Abood to the MI Tax Tribunal.

Arlan Meekhof…… Senate Majority Leader
office – 517-373-6920

Jack Brandenburg (chair)

David Robertson (vice chair)

Tom Casperson

John Proos

Marty Knollenberg

Steven Bieda

Rebekah Warren

 Thank you….

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    I am urging the Tax Committee to vote “No” on the appointment of Marcus Abood to the Michigan Tax Tribunal. This man has caused upheaval in communities and counties throughout the state, forcing the cash-strapped school districts to repay funds, causing the demise of many needed programs such as the Marquette County Youth Home, and limiting the services of our libraries. This man either has absolutely no knowledge of how to assess property or he is acting with extreme prejudice in favoring the “Big Box” stores. In any event, he is an unqualified candidate and he should not be considered. Please vote “No” to Mr. Abood’s appointment.


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