45 Days & Counting: Deadline to Vote on Snyder Appointee


Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 9.21.26 AMThe Senate Tax Committee’s 60 session-day time period to vote on Marcus Abood’s reappointment to the MI Tax Tribunal is at 45 days…and counting. Here’s what’s happening… On February 26, 2016, Gov. Rick Snyder announced the appointment of Marcus Abood, of Lansing, to the Michigan Tax Tribunal.  Abood would serve the remainder of a four-year term commencing Feb. 29, 2016 and expiring June 30, 2019. His appointment is subject to the advice and consent of the Senate.

Local municipalities from Marquette and Delta Counties, City of Iron Mountain and Marquette Twp have sent letters and Escanaba City Council have sent letters to the Senators on the Tax Committee and Governor Snyder urging them to “drop Abood.” According to a MIRS News Article on Dark Stores, “The Escanaba City Council unanimously approved a letter slamming Abood’s appointment, labeling him the “principal author” of a range of decisions that have allowed big box retailers in Michigan like Lowe’s, Meijer or Menards to use the market values of vacant store properties to argue down their tax assessments.”

Senator Casperson, also on the Senate Tax Committee, has said local communities will “never get a fair shake before the tribunal if there’s not a fair mindset.”  Casperson said he has spoken with the administration and will continue to talk with key stakeholders and tax experts to further determine how to proceed. If he finds there is reason for concern when it comes to Abood’s record on dark store cases, Casperson said he would “absolutely” support an advice and consent hearing at that time. (MERS)

Please contact Senator Casperson and the other Committee members to tell them you agree…The countdown is at 45 session days since the secretary of the Senate received his written notification of the appointment. Time is running out….but it’s not too late to please contact these Senators and ask that they disapprove of the Abood appointment.

Here is a complete of Senate Tax Committee members:

Arlan Meekhof…… Senate Majority Leader
office – 517-373-6920       SenAMeekhof@senate.michigan.gov 

Jack Brandenburg (chair)
office-517-373-7670         SenJBrandenburg@senate.michigan.gov

David Robertson (vice chair)
Office-517-373-1636       SenDRobertson@senate.michigan.gov

Tom Casperson
office-517-373-7840     Sentcasperson@senate.michigan.gov

John Proos
office-517-373-6960       SenJProos@senate.michigan.gov

Marty Knollenberg
Office-517-373-2523     SenMKnollenberg@senate.michigan.gov

Steven Bieda
office-517-373-8360      Sensbieda@senate.michigan.gov

Rebekah Warren
office-517-373-2406     Senrwarren@senate.michigan.gov



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