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MI House Said YES — 97 to 11 for HB 5578 & More…

Pass_HB5578_toSenateA good day, a good month for putting local funding needs back in local control. Michigan Municipal League, Michigan Radio, and others (see our Resources page) have spoken out loud and long against the unfair and unorthodox methods of assessment used to justify ‘dark store’ rulings by MI Tax Tribunal. And municipalities have been suffering huge losses that have crippled and curtailed many local services.

Now some good news: 

MI Appeals Court ruled against Menards: “… a three-judge panel of the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled in favor of the City of Escanaba and against Menard Inc. in just such a dispute.
The court said the comparable sales submitted by Menards were not a good basis for determining taxable value because, like many former big box stores that close and become vacant, they had deed restrictions that limited how a new owner could use the properties.”

More good news: 

MI House Said YES — 97 to 11 for HB 5578. The bill is on to the Senate Finance Committee. After four years and three tries, this is looking very positive. David Maturen, Vice-Chair, MI House Tax Policy Committee and primary sponsor who, along with UP Representatives John Kivela and Scott Dianda and others, have successfully rallied support and reason to pass this out of the House.

Here is Maturn speaking to the House just before passage: on You Tube…

View the NMU documentary “Boxed In”  covering this whole saga in depth. See the research and background uncovered by Dr. Dwight Brady’s Advanced Multimedia Journalism class at Northern Michigan University.

Thanks to all — we are finally moving toward support for the people & communities all over Michigan.