Here’s Why the “Boxed In” Documentary Is So Important

 The effects of ‘Dark Store’ rulings affect us all. Recent House legislation needs your show of support to the Senate Finance Committee (download a list of Senators to contact below)… here’s what we mean:

Representative David Maturen,  David_MaturenVice-Chair, MI House Tax Policy Committee was tasked to form a work group eventually leading to HB 5578. Which was passed in the House this Spring of  2016. He speaks on:
“Boxed In” video documentary from NMU, featuring an interview and hearing clip on ‘Dark Store’ problems and policies and 
hear a rundown of lengthy list of Deed Restrictions also associated with these rulings. See a Preview Clip...

AND SO — on to the Premier of “Boxed In” Wed. August 24th in Marquette at 7:00 at Peter White Public Library. A premiere is also scheduled for Aug. 31 in Escanaba, and it will air publicly at 8 p.m. Sept. 1 on WNMU-TV.

AND SO — on to the Senate Finance Committee …. This is where we all come in!

Please contact your Senators:
Here is a current list: Film Leg. Update – Key Senators contact info-2  Tell them you support ‘Dark Store’ legislation sent to them from the House.

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 11.08.05 AM

Follow the progress of they bill at: Michigan Legislature page!!

You can follow Rep. Maturen on Facebook for updates on the progress in the House Tax Policy Committee.

If you have friends and relatives downstate, let them know they can influence/inform their legislators, too. This issue is affecting the entire state budget….reducing funding for local communities across the board. Please share this website with friends, family, and organizations across the state.

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