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Coming Soon: The Michigan Dark Store Documentary!!!

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Video Team member, Michael Williams, tells us the how and why of this video project. He needs your help to bring the final interviews and editing touches to a successful finish….Read and Help! Thanks….

“Hey friends, I’m helping make a mini-documentary about the Michigan Dark Store issue. Our team includes a videographer, a broadcasting professor at Northern Michigan University and myself. That’s it.

In recent years, the Michigan Tax Tribunal has approved large reductions to property taxes for Big Box stores. Stores that successfully appealed their taxes are now being charged as if they are vacant, hence the term “Dark Store.” In extreme cases, their values are slashed by more than 50 percent. And it’s communities who have to make up the difference.

So here’s the synopsis: We’ve been working for months to solidify interviews with experts (like attorneys and politicians working on both sides of the issue), as well as studying to make sure we understand it. And after the shooting is done, we’ll go back to volunteering our hours to see it through. By the end, we plan to have several different cuts for educational, broadcast and social media purposes. We just need to get there.

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So the money we need to raise would go to gas and food, and any surprises the road throws us. From May 2 to May 5 we will be covering a lot of miles, from Marquette to Grand Rapids to Kalamazoo to Lansing to Flint and back. At least. All we need is enough money to break even. We realize this is short notice, but we also know that any little bit helps us get there.

We’ve been working hard for months already, and now it’s go time. We will be so, so thankful to each and every dollar put toward this project. We promise it will not be spent in vain. Trust us, if you haven’t heard about the Dark Stores yet, you will in a few years.

So please help us reach this goal. For how much ground we’ll be covering in a short amount of time, we feel this is a modest amount to make sure we are fed and gassed up.

Again, any and all is beyond appreciated.
Here’s an article that explains the issue better than we could in a few paragraphs:” http://bridgemi.com/2015/08/lawmakers-seek-a-halt-to-dark-stores-tax-cutting-strategy/

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